3D CAD Design

3D CAD systems offer a complete new way of designing machinery. We're happy to provide start to finish design projects, conceptual designs, part designs, machine updates and improvements and component optimisation for manufacturing - for example conversion of steelwork fabrications to make the use of modern manufacturing techniques such as laser tube and sheet cutting and CNC machining. We can also carry out basic stress analysis.

CAD Drafting Services

We can create CAD drawings from your hand drawn plans, marked up drawings or fag-packet sketches. Assembly drawings will include BOM's (Bills of Materials) and manufacturing instructions. We can also source and specify components and assist with finding you the best possible material & component prices. 

Decorative design panels

We can create decorative design panels for home, garden or industrial use. We have created many designs in the past from photos or hand drawn sketches and then have arranged laser cut parts that either bolt or weld together. They have then been used for ballustrades, partitions and even staircases.

Laser cutting file preparation

We can take your 2D or 3D sheet metal designs and convert them to a suitable format for laser cutting. 3D sheet metal drawings can be converted to flattened, 2D drawings and appropriate drawings created for cutting and bending parts to recreate your 3D design. Parts can be optimised to enable assembly without jigs by incorporating tabs & slots so the 3 dimensional parts can be welded together as per your original design intent.


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